Hill Country Advocates for Angels was established when the son of President Sharon Watts was diagnosed with the rare neuro-genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome. Our goal is to not only bring awareness for this rare disorder but to offer support to other families dealing with rare diseases, complex medical needs, or disabilities, not just Angelman Syndrome.  After all, all children with special needs are angels.

Our story

​My son was born with Angelman Syndrome – something I would not get adequately diagnosed for nearly 2 years. It took a countless number of tests, 3 MRI’s, and a bunch of mindless waiting and worry before a simple blood test came back showing a deletion on the 15th chromosome . After almost 2 years of nights filled with worry, arguments, and crying I finally had a diagnosis, but that is only where this story begins.  I wanted to be an angel for others as my child is an angel to me. His constant smile reminds me of God’s blessings and I realize everyone needs that. We all need a hug, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear. We need help, sometimes financially, sometimes with equipment, sometimes with sustenance. We parents tend to neglect ourselves when we care for our children and we don’t want anyone to feel alone or that no one cares.


“Hill Country Advocates  for Angels has been a blessing to several families that I work with!"

Lilli Egan - Physical Therapist


Jingle for a Cause


Jingle for a Cause is our annual fundraiser.  We gather and walk across Canyon Lake Dam on the first Saturday in December.



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